Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Word Challenge: Your Creativity is My Motivation Continued

ANCILLARYserving as an aid
TYROnew to an activity
INCIPIENTonly partly in existence
ASPERITYharshness of manner
MORDACIOUScaustic, biting

Lets hear 'em!


  1. Tyrone, a tyro to singing and dancing, was cast in the incipient (although soon-to-be hit) Backyardigans because his uncle worked with the producer's daughter. After facing the mordacious comments of Tasha and Uniqua (their asperity unrelenting), Tyrone began watching Dancing with the Stars religiously and checked out some ancillary material on the subject. Soon, the yellow moose could dance with the best of them and enjoyed frequent clubbing with Pablo and Austin.

  2. You will have to forgive my mordacious tone my dear friends. I am not used to doing this. I beg you do not let my asperity become a barrier to the sweet song in this message. I know that despite my being tyro, i will manage to find ability as it comes from up above. My own dearth of strength is no barrier for His works. I am a small ancillary to this crucial revelation. Its time to dissect ourselves. Look inside. Realize that alone we are incipient creatures unable to find true purpose or strength. Walk with Him and realize your full potential. Become whole.

    Alone with God.