Monday, November 16, 2009

Day 4 Vocab Challenge: 3 weeks to GRE.

5 more:

antediluvian (adj.) ancient; outmoded (literally, before the flood)

Cadge (v.)to get something by taking advantage of someone

irascible (adj.) prone to outburts of temper; easily angered

occlude (v.) to close or obstruct

peccadillo (n.) small sin or fault

Make sure to read the comments after each day's challenge. There are several great entries. Lots of creativity going on at the Juniper Tree these days.


  1. Two babies talking at a playdate (if they could):

    Maude: Through no peccadillo of my own, I'm a very irascible child.

    Max: That is really no excuse for occluding me from getting some attention from your mother. I mean, you really need to share the love. There is no reason for you to monopolize her attention when we are on a playdate. Let her hold me for a change.

    Maude: Why do you want my mother's attention so badly? Don't you have a mother of your own? And, really, its my party and I'll cry if I want to!

    Max: You are such a girl! You are so willing to cadge your poor mother to death will all that whining. You aren't really hungry, you are just manipulating the situation to get to those boobies. And I think it's rude. I'd like a minute of snuggle time with those things myself.

    Maude: The male urge to touch boobies is as antediluvian as the crusted milk under my neck fat. You are barbaric! I do not understand men and never will.

    Max: Geeze. I wish my mom kept me at home so we could just watch As the World Turns.

  2. In antediluvian times, the irascible serpent, hoping to occlude Adam and Eve's relationship with God, convinced Eve that eating from the tree was a mere peccadillo. His plan to cadge Eve was foiled when he was caught and cursed by God.

  3. We would all laugh as he stood on the corner lamenting on apocalypse and wrath. His ancient microphone and knapsack amplifier coupled with his beige ankle biters and mismatched jacket did him no favors. The sign slung over his neck spoke of ‘Sin and a Savior’. We mocked him more than what he said but for me it was something else. Something more damaging was going on here; his antediluvian, crazed speeches were affecting me. This man stood for the same God I stood for, yet how could we be so different? I am trying to change my neighborhood by infiltrating them and being a positive example. This loon would surely occlude their minds if they link he and I together. I wanted to yell and scream at him, I have always been irascible and it takes all I have to hold myself back. This is a minor peccadillo in comparison to this cadge who stands preying on the minds of passers by. He makes me sick, why can’t he see the ineffable damage he is inflicting on the good work I am doing here?

    The blister on my collarbone tears as the wooden rivets on the sign fall on their familiar resting place. I don’t notice the pain much anymore. I guess I have learned to occlude this minor affliction. My speaker equipment is obviously antediluvian but it has continued to work without fault for twenty-three years now; sure proof He supplies us with the tools we need. I admit sometimes I occasionally yearn for a new suit or better equipment, as perhaps I could share the message better. This is a peccadillo of mine I know, the power is not in my appearance or the presentation. I can do nothing of any real weight myself, its Him working through me. The violent, irascible shadow of my former life is evidence to the possibilities of the potential for transformation that I want to share. I would rather live in penury with Grace than be the hedonistic cadge I used to be. So today like every other I will stand on my corner with Him by my side and pray they see even a glimpse of the good work I am doing here.

  4. Raise your hand if you think Mark is showing off by doing two from different points of view.

  5. um. do it, boy. that multiple point of view perspective, i mean, sooo post-modern. barbara kingsolver, take notes.

  6. haha - you girls are funny! Ok.. day 5 lets go!