Thursday, November 12, 2009

Word Challenge: Your Creativity is My Motivation

There's really nothing like studying for the GRE to humble me. I think my first practice math score put me at 3rd grade mastery level. I have a little more than 3 weeks left to study, and I am avoiding it every chance I get.

For motivation, I thought I would put a little activity out there for my faithful readers to participate in. I can only think of something for the verbal portion, but if someone can come up with an inspiring algebra/geometry (TOTAL oxymoron) exercise, I'd be all ears.

Okay, here its is: Each day, for the next 25 days, I will list 5 GRE vocabulary words (and their definitions.). The best paragraph, poem (please, no haikus...that will absolutely not help one iota), or written piece of any kind that demonstrates understanding and creativity -and, ultimately, cements the definition of the words in my mind-, wins! So, you don't really win anything tangible, but the intangibles are limitless!

Todays words are:

truculent-(adj.) fierce and cruel, eager to fight
obdurate-(adj.) unyielding; hard-hearted; intractable
aver- (v.) to state as fact; to declare or assert
probity- (n.) adherence to highest principles; complete and confirmed integrity; uprightness
paean- (n.) a song or hymn of praise and thanksgiving

Hope you have fun with these words! And, don't forget, this is for a good cause. Be moved by Luther's charge: In all things charity!

Post Away!


  1. A paean for the Natives who
    fed me corn and turkey, too;
    Against all hope and the obdurate English,
    I have survived a pilgrim's anguish;
    Due to the fierce commitment of their probity,
    they cared for me with feathered charity;
    I must aver the harvest abundance
    accuses me of my future truculence.

    Ugly, but does the job. I think I will remember most of those words now! Maybe I'll read it at Thanksgiving dinner.


  2. You are killing me . . . remember I have children to raise. Here is my 7th grade report:

    Speaking of Luther— The truculent cardinals, obdurate in their submission to the catholic church, averred Luther's writings as heretical. His probity (in the face of their corruption) resulted in the REFORMATION. Later, he wrote a paean called "A Mighty Fortress"—in praise of the Lord's protection.

  3. that was rockin' melinda! good job! a+!

  4. Bompa

    I used to run my fingers along Bompas furrowed brow which crinkled deep like trenches. It seemed to me to be the very physical embodiment of his ingrained truculence. I know mama used to think him so obdurate as he would aver that his beloved marine corp were his one and true family. I could see the heartache in mama’s eyes. I don’t think she would tell you she hated the army but the probity which it seemed to have bore deep into her daddy’s soul. I know she never fully understood why he had to be that way with her, but as the dirt fell and the paen filled the air i saw a transformation in her. The realization that Bompa had loved her, the only way he knew how.

  5. oh and Sarah yours is AMAZING.

    please excuse my poor grammar, spelling, writing etc. but i enjoyed the fun mini project none the less!

  6. mark...i love yours. i like that we all took such different genres :). your creative writing is great! is bompa really yours? either way, love the bompa.

  7. No Bompa is not real.. it was just what those words conjured up in me. i love this by the!