Thursday, November 19, 2009

For you Wordies (like foodies, people who love words)

diligent; persistent; hard-working

calm; sluggish; unemotional

exhibiting a fawning attentiveness

causing drowsiness; tending to induce sleep

disgrace; contempt; scorn


  1. What's the friggin' deal??? Is it really too much to ask that health care workers not be completely phlegmatic when they are caring for my little children with high fevers?? my problem is not so much with male health care workers. its the females i have utter opprobrium for. i know that sounds overly sexist, but lets just look at the reality: get a pap smear from a male doctor and he's all, "careful now, this might hurt. tell me if you need time, let me warm up the goo some, nice-ity, nice-ity, blah, blah blah." get one from a woman and its all "wham bam, im gettin' lots o cramps, ma'am." where's the empathy??

    same crap with pediactric nurses! (i know many of you will say its cause i was stupid and went to williamson co. hospital, but i know better. its the same everywhere. okay, ill admit to the huge generalization but, as a stereotype, there is some accuracy there).

    the nurse i took my kids to the other night looked like she was on soporific drugs and had the effrontery to edumbrate that i was being a high strung mama that didn't have sense to give my children fever reducing medication and just keep them at home. well, exxcuuusse me for interrupting your typically sedulous routine with my hyperchondria. i only wanted to protect my asthmatic baby from potential complications of the swine flu!


    a kind thank you to the male physician who gave my children popsicles and didn't sneer when my dramatic 9 year old screamed her ever-loving head off when getting a simple throat swab.

    aaahhh. i feel better now.

  2. hmmm, if i didn't know the author personally i'd say this blog was more about "dumping" then about expressive writing. as the audience I feel "used".

  3. These call to mind the famous Bennett daughters of Pride and Prejudice fame. Reserved Jane, the family beauty, whose shyness is often mistaken for phlegmatic and unemotional. Second-born Elizabeth (the heroine) with her sedulous ways (or at least her father thinks so) and pert opinions. Poor Mary. Her passion for reading Fordyce's sermons has a soporific effect on her energetic sisters. And Kitty's obsequious behavior toward any person of rank is almost as bad a Lydia's time of opprobrium when she ran off with Wickham—to London!

  4. dear anonymous,

    of course it was dumping. when you are constipated, a little dumpage is needed. thank you for being my audience/receptacle. was i "using" you? maybe as much as you use me for my love. its all about reciprocation, right? if not, what is love really, without you loving me in my good and my bad days. i need you. even your graciously anonymous exhortations.

  5. of course, "anonymous" is my dear own mother. explains a lot, does it not?

  6. Carl peeked through the blinds. He had to look directly up in order to see the sliver of sky between his apartment building and its twin directly opposite. Today the grey air seemed to merge the two grey buildings seamlessly. Carl turned and noticed the fold in his bed sheet was not at a perfect forty five degree angle. Carl was obsequious about his feng shui. In truth this was how Carl liked to dress up his sedulous A.D.D. He had begun to instill these self delusions to help reduce his use of traditional medication. The concoction of pills he had been prescribed were not only outrageously expensive but had made him so phlegmatic he could barely bear to be around himself. In fact he had become so languid he now used the thought of his former drugged up dullness as a soporific thought to replace the need for sleeping pills. He had pretty much managed to eliminate all his drugs by creating a fanciful thought that would remedy the same symptoms. He no longer allowed his feelings of pure opprobrium at the occasional imperfectly aligned linen to overwhelm him. The symptom was still there, of that he was sure, but his unflinching reaction to not react had become his newly prescribed antidote.