Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Day 5 of the Vocabulary Challenge that has become the Platform for Creative Writing Exhibitionists

Here are the words that must be included in your "piece":

1. spurious- (adj.) lacking authenticity or validity; false; counterfeit
2. mendacity- (n.) the condition of being untruthful
3. obfuscate- (v.) to deliberately make obscure; to make confusing
4. trenchant- (adj.) sharply perceptive; keen; penetrating
5. inimical- (adj.) damaging; harmful; injurious

Again, for your reading pleasure, click on the comments link to read the daily entries. Damn, my GRE score had better improve!


  1. Sinead's "The Emperor's New Clothes" is playing just now ----

    Let's review. Two spurious "tailors" showed up at the Emperor's palace to hatch their mendacious plot to get something (gold) for nothing (nothing). The Emperor's pride obfuscated his reason; he fell for the inimical (albeit hilarious and profitable) scheme until one girl (a trenchant one at that) noted, "Hey, he's not wearing any clothes."

    Next up on itunes: DG's "Babylon"

  2. As for the part about "Creative Writing Exhibitionist," I am okay with that, and I am hoping you will figure out how to turn this exercise into a non-fiction (witty, insightful, probably satirical) best seller. We could use the cash.

    Put that on your list of things to do, okay?

    P.S. - Mr. Dobbins used to give extra credit if you could find vocabulary words in the newspaper, textbooks, etc. Do you give extra credit?

  3. I despise this place.

    Bright white sidewalks and perfectly groomed dogs and their spurious owners. I hate the sweet stench of their perfect perfumes as the waft by me. I find it inimical just being near these cookie cutter mannequins. Everywhere i look perfect lives and perfect wives. I mean you don't have to be trenchant to realize how tedious and false it is here. This is where the word mendacity originated, its pure and fully adulterated deception. Sometimes they do it so well that i find myself questioning if in fact i am wrong about it all. I am not. The obfuscate it well but i see it in their eyes. There is nothing there. The windows to their souls are sparkling and shiny but behind it lies a great expanse of emptiness. I live in a barren wasteland of soulless smiles.

    I won't become like them.

  4. the sickness in my family is obfuscating my normally trenchant mind. im usually at the top of my game, but, for the past few days these inimical fevers are doing more to damage my keen mind than my children's hyperactive bodies. what happened to lethargy being a side effect of URI's? i'd be spurious if i said i enjoyed nursing them back to health. and...mendacity.

    my brain's too tired to use mendacity.