Friday, November 13, 2009

25 Day Vocabulary Challenge Continues: Day 2

Wow! I have some prolific friends! Please see yesterdays contributions by clicking on the comment link.

Thanks for facing this challenge with me. I wouldn't last two days without you! Too bad the $150 registration fee for the GRE isn't quite motivation enough. But, it really does underline my ideology in regards to community: we need it like water.

So, with no further ado:

Todays 5 Graduate Record Exam Vocabulary Challenge:

1. diurnal (adj.)-existing during the day
2. dyseptic (adj.)-suffering from indigestion; gloomy and irritable
3. effrontery (n.)- impudent boldness; audacity
4. equivocate (v.)- to use expressions of double meaning in order to mislead
5. adumbrate (v.)- to foreshadow vaguely or intimate; to suggest or outline sketchily; to obscure or overshadow

Again, please share an ode, an editorial, or any other genre of writing that uses these words in context (even 5 disconnected sentences). Why? Cause you love to exercise your mind and you love to help me study for the GRE!


  1. In other news, John McCain's effrontery is reported to have reached an all-time high today when making a statement to the press upon his return from vacationing at an undisclosed bay in Cuba. He equivocated that he enjoyed the native diurnal activity of "water-boarding" in the warm surf. He went on the record saying that water-boarding happens to be one of his favorite sports and is, in fact, "extremely calming, as it relieved me of the dyseptic state the congressional investigation has left me in. You really should try it out! All the locals there love it!"

  2. although i LOVE this - its is brilliant - am i missing the word adumbrate - also dyspeptic is the spelling i believe.. ok i will continue with mine now ;-)

  3. “Its time to be diurnal Tabitha and join the real world, you’re not a bloody vampire!”

    I hate it when she is having her “emotional days” Dad says it’s not her fault she is dyspeptic and it puts her in an off mood. An off mood! Then she has the effrontery to suggest it is my gloomy teenage hormones that are tearing this family apart. She always has used me to adumbrate their failing marriage and the ultimate symptom of that: me the Goth daughter, the ultimate suburban nightmare. I don’t know if my loony menopausal mother or my vacant oblivious father is more irritating but what I do know is this; they can equivocate it any way they like but I am the only sane one around here.

  4. This is making my head hurt.

  5. His gloomy, dyspeptic mood—both diurnal and nocturnal—and his useless B.A. in English made him shout rhyming pairs of synonyms ("equivocate-vacillate!" "adumbrate-delineate!" and "fictionalize-dramatize!") at his neighbor, Ms. Smith, which she took as an effrontery into her otherwise peaceful life.