Saturday, November 14, 2009

Day 3 Vocab Challenge

Okay. So I didn't give you much time before bed, but it is the Sabbath. If you get a chance, here are 5 new words. Create at your own risk!

1. RapaciousGreedy, ravenous.
2. VenalOpen to bribery; mercenary.
3.Ineffable Incapable of being expressed; indescribable or unutterable.
4. PenuryExtreme poverty.
5. TaciturnHabitually untalkative.

Choose your verbs wisely.


  1. The ineffable attraction between the rapacious Margaret (who was not merely greedy but venal in her pursuit of money) and Bob (who as a missionary preferred a life of penury and simplicity) was a shock to us all, and it even turned usually taciturn and circumspect Sue into a gossiping Glenda.

  2. "Look you rapacious bitch you are going to sink us into penury. You don't even wear half the things you buy. Your complete obliviousness to our situation is ineffable! I know all your tricks now too lady and i am not as venal as you think i am. So lets skip your taciturn stage and move straight to the attempted seduction so i can show you it wont work...

    this is actually from MARK MCGOWAN.

  3. The repacious brother, in his pursuit of happiness, took his inheritance and wasted it on temporal things that offered him only momentary comfort and pleasure. As it turned out, these temporal pleasures took more than gave and landed the brother in utter penury. Living day to day with only the goal of survival, the brother had to humble himself and return to his typically taciturn father and a small hope for mercy. Not only did the father offer mercy, the welcome the brother was given was a love ineffable.

  4. And that was when Mark moved into 1st place in the GRE Vocab challenge.

  5. Ha - well thanks. I don't think so but i will let myself enjoy the idea for a little bit. This is so fun.