Tuesday, December 1, 2009

mr. turkey (inspired by ee cummings poem "little tree")

Mr. Turkey

you are so quiet

you are more like the blanket

that was folded on my mothers couch

you were warm and cozy by the fire

but i needed you

and you came

were you happy before you came?

are you sorry you are here?

you are here to save me

to save my family

we will share our table with you

we will hold hands around you and say how thankful

we are with god. he will hear us and be thankful too.

because of you we can remember

we are allowed to speak in poems and simple prayers

my uncle will pray and say things like, “We thank you, Lord.”

even though he says he does not believe

everyone smiles at each other

my mom squeezes my hand because we know he does not believe

but it doesn’t matter because he just said, “We thank you, Lord.”

now we share the secret of his salvation

because of you.

we thank you, Mr. Turkey.


  1. does a literalist read a poem and wonder what meaning the author is conveing, or does the realist try to stretch their own imagination and apply the meaning? (what box does the literalist use for the turkey savior?)

  2. the literalist needs to take their pill and just enjoy mr. turkey. actually, the literalist enjoys that even though they dont understand the poem, they can at least connect with the fact that if they had named the turkey, they would have chosen to call him mr. turkey, too.