Sunday, February 10, 2008

Cross-Dressing: An Original Sin?

Here is documentation of the sins of the mother passed down to the daughter. Ellie, like her mother 30 years before her, dresses her siblings in drag. Actually, I think Ellie and Aunt Dede (Sharon at age 2) make handsome boys. But, why all the band-aids on Dave? A bad botox job? Were boo-boos a gender specific detail when it comes to cross-dressing? I'm guessing the band-aids were Stacey's idea...not the brightest bulb in the tanning bed, that one. Atticus and his Uncle Beef make for lovely females as well as innocent victims of older sisters. Dave, I am sorry and if you need therapy for gender confusion, I will happily chip in for therapy. Atticus, you are going to have to take your issues up with Ellie! (Sorry for the sideways shot on Ellie and Atticus, I'll get my IT guy right on that.) Be sure to click on each photo for an up-close shot! From left to right, Stacey (5), Sharon (2 1/2), Dave (3), Sarah (5).