Thursday, January 31, 2008

Biggest Loser: Family Style

So, our family has decided that we all need a little healthy competition to motivate us to lose weight. Although some members, not to be named, have dialed in their weight loss goal as a whopping five whole pounds (please!), the rest of us are looking to drop whale size proportions. 

In an attempt to reach our goals, we have partnered up to see which team will lose the most weight by Easter! Team 1: Sue and Stacey, Team 2: Brad and Sarah, Team 3: Dave and Chrissie. Each person has put $25 on the line. Winning Team Takes All! Teams need to post comments every Friday to taunt and mock (aka. motivate) the other teams with how much total weight they have already lost. If you are in the family circle and have decided to participate, you can still enter with a partner! Just post your name, partner's name and how much total combined weight you hope to lose...again, just so we know the competition. And, family members, please understand that just because Suzie wants to lose thirty pounds, doesn't mean Suzie will, so don't shy away from signing up, thinking she and Dave are a shoe-in!

Good luck to all the teams, and may the biggest losers win! 


  1. so, i know we've got 10 hours till it's officially friday, but i'm posting anyway. i started at 191 - i'm at 188. i've still been eating trader joe's cookies, but i'm running 3 days a week. i burned 540 calories today in 34 minutes on the tread mill... i was listening to the "historical conquest of josh ritter" - great album. GO CHRISSY!!!

  2. i heard through the grape vine that the come-back-kids (brad and sarah) have a combined fat loss of 14.5 pounds. could that be true? brad? take it easy man... give us a chance.

  3. OK, family....stand back! Two weeks on a low carb diet, 7 workouts and I've lost 3 lbs. With my 3 lbs and the 7 oz that Stacey needs to loose we are on our way to winning this competition!