Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Ellie Quotes on Demand

Ever since Ellie, my brillantly warped but beautiful 7-year old, has been quoted in our family newsletter, requests for more quotes have prompted the beginning of this blog. In response to any story or quote, I ask that you follow these suggested guidelines:

1. If you are entertained:  Click on an ad that is posted on our site. The money procured will not, as you might think, go toward Ellie's college fund, but toward her counseling one. She's on her own for college, but I feel vaguely responsible for her therapy.

2. If you are disturbed: Leave some wisdom that might help us avoid excessive costs for therapy. 

With those guidelines clearly stated, I give you the most recent post-worthy quote:

Papa, will I get in trouble if I hold up my middle-toe at you?
-Ellie, age 7


  1. Sarah, love the blog and can't wait to read more! That Ellie....you could write a book of her quotes and sell it to pay for the therapy!

  2. sarah, love it!!! i agree with mindy start compiling and better copywrite it before somebody snags it on cyberspace.