Thursday, May 1, 2008

Just Another Evening Stroll

Last night we took a walk down Kelly Drive, just to let the kids run around before bed. We took advantage of the beauty that we have so close by. We walked past boat house row and the statue garden. The kids ran around the dogwood, cherry and poplar trees. The air was crispy and so many people were out getting their evening exercise, walking their dog, practicing crew. Ellie jogged most of the time with Atticus trailing close behind. Ellie stopped only to pose in her best Miley Cyrus impersonation. Atticus was mostly worried about the dog he overhead me mention that I saw floating in the river last week. Oopsie, so much for sentimentality. Anyway, they both slept great last night. I did too. Its amazing what a walk will do for you. 


  1. Seriously....Ellie is a best seller waiting to happen!

  2. Atticus looks way older with a buzz cut.