Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mothers Day

Being the mother to these absolutely beautiful children is the biggest blessing and challenge of my life. 

Atticus, my little friend, brings me such uncomplicated joy. I am nothing but delighted by this intent, happy, curious, destructive, active, talented, monkey-like child. While Atticus is around, there will always be someone who makes me laugh. My heart is at peace knowing he is my son.

Ellie, my soul, is as equally horrifying and as she is awe-inspiring. She reflects the best and worst of me. She will always be my mirror. I am amazed by her depth and her intelligence. Her insight into others and the world is far beyond her years. Her thoughtfulness is overwhelming. While Ellie is around, there will always be someone who sharpens me and seeks to care for me. My heart is proud that she is my daughter.

This Mothers Day has been a special one. Not because it was fun or I received great presents, but because I reflected on the blessings that have been heaped on my head by God. "Mothers Day" could possibly end up being just a set up for a huge disappointment. Seriously, moms dont just need a day off. What kind of rest, gift or brunch really celebrates the sacrifices mothers make for their children? How do you honor someone who feels constant guilt for not loving you better? 

The standards that have been set by society are impossible for moms to meet, yet everyday we toil to care for the hearts of our children, protect them from harm, keep a house like Martha Stewart, cook like Rachel Ray, perform at the A level in our work...yet if we work, we have compromised our roles as primary care givers and if we stay at home full-time, we are laughably out of touch with culture and marketplace. We think that we have been liberated by the feminist movement because we are now included in world of work. But, what have we really been liberated to? Feeling guilt for our failure to be perfect in two arenas now. 

So whats the answer? Not to go back to the '50's, that's for sure! No, its again, the Gospel. Our guilt can only be eased by knowing that God has paid the penalty for our failures as mothers. He, in his overwhelming love for our kids, can even use the pain we have caused to draw our children to himself. He has gifted us to take part in the redemption of the world. It is not our responsibility to save our children, nor the world, but the gift to participate in his redemption of it. It is an honor to use our gifts to serve, sacrifice and die for our children and for the world. Today, I celebrate the blessing of serving, even though I fail miserably at it. 

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  1. So sweet Sarah....your kids are so precious!