Thursday, March 31, 2011

Unnecessary Quotations

I just can't handle unnecessary quotations. Few things peeve me more than this heinous grammatical crime. This sign actually caused a bowel movement. But, my view of humanity was restored when I saw that one costumer mocked the sign with her own mandate: Please clean bathroom! -customer.  Unfortunately, she leaves me with an itchy brain by not completely the mocking by adding unnecessary quotes around "clean." Please, if you plan on mocking a sign with unnecessary quotations, please, "FINISH" the job! - Management.

For those of you willing to admit that you, like the sad sack who wrote this sign, have the same offensive problem with grammar, please take advantage of this pocket-sized resource available at your local 


  1. I'm "totally" with you on this one.

  2. Yes!!! THe amount of excess quotation marks in the world is insane. We were just discussing how people should have to apply for a license to use them on signs. One sign I saw read like this: "Ocean" "Side" "Campground" --I mean the words were maybe differnt but that was how it went. SO, thanks for discussing this important issue Sarah.